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PUFFY HAIR is a night of existential stand-up performed by an id. Using Vaudeville-cum-Fosse dance moves to investigate one woman's ambivalent and tortured relationship to the male gaze, which she alternately cozies up to and execrates, it is a catharsis of self-hatred, body dysmorphia, and self-aggrandizement. A vigorous dose of lipstick smears and shoulder pads. A marriage between Joan Rivers and gastrointestinal turbulence. A struggle to hold space for the existential pressure of a bun. A boopity boop.

Written & Performed by Zoë Geltman

Directed by Julia Sirna-Frest

" awesome as lunch with Sarah Silverman. Or Paul Verhoeven’s Showgirls." -The Georgia Straight

an "extravagant mind palace of feminine guts and glory."

-OnStage Blog

Heading 2

Vancouver Fringe Festival, September 2023

The Tank, November 2021: set & costumes by Enver Chakartash and lighting by Sarah Lurie

Big Art Group's SFX Festival, February 2018

The PIT, December 2017

The Tank, November 2017

Uncanny Valley, August 2017


"Zoë Geltman's 'PUFFY HAIR' transforms beyond stand-up comedy to shocking and delicious intimacy... [the audience is] invited into Geltman's extravagant mind palace of feminine guts and glory... she zips and bops around the space, capturing a caricatured showman's energy akin to Joan Rivers meeting Liza Minnelli... The writing plays like a vigorous plea for intimacy with herself, a self-deprecating, self-aware routine as investigative and piercing as anyone's truest inner monologue talking to themselves in a mirror." -Nataline Rine, Onstage Blog

"Add wigs, impromptu handstands, plenty of always-relatable self-loathing, and a fascination with everyone from Joan Rivers to Bob Fosse and you've got something that sounds almost as awesome as lunch with Sarah Silverman. Or Paul Verhoeven's Showgirls." -"With the Vancouver Fringe Festival finish line in view, here are five shows that get the joke," The Georgia Straight

"Orgasms, mythology, and more in feminist shows at this year's Vancouver Fringe Festival," Stir: Arts & Culture Vancouver

"A Fabulously Feral Feminist Fantasia... with Farts," Culturebot

Hollywood Soapbox Interview, November 2021

Stagebuddy Interview, November 2021


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