A play about a woman who is trying to discover her own secret, that hidden country within her that begs for nature to wrap itself around it like a hand. Does it lie amidst the work-a-day routine of a witchy cooking start-up? A hipster remote viewing party? Will she find it with a dude she meets on Tinder who claims he's dated two witches and both of them put spells on him? Is the search even worth it? Maybe she should just pull off some penises dramatically and run away and go make a bed in the forest out of mushrooms and twigs and strange, misshapen vegetables.

Loading Dock Theatre presented a reading of Lolly, Lolly, Lolly in May 2019. Directed by Julia Sirna-Frest and starring Nikki Calonge, Ugo Chukwu, Lisa Clair, Claire Fort, Layla Khosh, Ean Sheehy, Marisa Wallin and me.

KILLIN IT (in development)

A web series created by Zoë Geltman and Julia Sirna-Frest set in theater dressing rooms, celebrating backstage life: the ridiculously tight quarters; the actor stuffing grocery store sushi in her mouth before striding gamely onstage; the thinly veiled envy for careers taking off; the desperate discussions of day jobs; the hilarity of everyone's different warm-up rituals; and the absolutely incomparable frenzy, intimacy, and pure joy that arise from making a piece of live theater with other humans.


A one-woman show created and performed and with original "songs" by Zoë Geltman in which Geltman explores diarrhea, female self-degradation, and whether you picking a hard​, red booger at the exact moment that another you takes a dump in a public restroom in a rehearsal space where you're about to audition for a web series and try your hand at being a legit actor who like, does stuff, proves the existence of a higher being.

PUFFY HAIR was performed at The PIT, The Wild Project for Big Art Group's SFX Festival, The Tank and Uncanny Valley in Brooklyn.


Written and performed by Zoë Geltman. Directed by Julia Sirna-Frest. Produced by Ann Marie Dorr.

This Dump Is A Dump

Does everything mean something really big? Or does it mean nothing at all? Or do the things you thought mean nothing actually mean the most? A meditation on anxiety.


Bushwick Starr Reading Series, curated by William Burke, John Del Gaudio and Daaimah Mubashshir. Directed By Julia Sirna-Frest. Performed by Corinne Donly, Layla Khoshnoudi, and Nikaury Rodriguez.


A surrealist jaunt through office politics, friendship, the writing process, and the very strange experience of being a person living and eating in America.


Premiered at The Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in April, 2015. Directed by Julia Sirna-Frest. Performed by Ugo Chukwu, Zoë Geltman and Maggie Fignotti Katz. 

SEA FRAUD had a developmental workshop at Dixon Place in June 2015. Directed by Julia Sirna-Frest and performed by Nikki Calonge, Zoë Geltman and Maggie Fignotti Katz. It was also developed at Dragon's Egg Studio.

The Loneliest Whale in the World

A play about a sad whale and two self-destructive loners.


Premiered at the 2013 Dream Up Festival at Theater for the New City. Directed by Julia May Jonas. Performed by Neil D'Astolfo, David Gould, Maggie Fignotti Katz, Lucy McMichael, Elizabeth Spano, and Sam West.

The Loneliest Whale had a developmental showing at Catch!/AUNTS at The Invisible Dog in February 2013. Performed by Zoë Geltman, Preston Martin and Marisa Wallin.