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"Zoë Geltman is the other [best thing about CHASE], for her delicious comic turns as a smart but daffy Financial bank employee..."

~CHASE: What Matters Most in The New York Times


"Each [actor] is given space and language to dazzle"

~Spindle Shuttle Needle in The New York Times


The entire ensemble "comprises a veritable greatest hits of indie theater"

~Spindle Shuttle Needle in Exeunt

"...the actors are lively and distinct"

~PIONEERS #goforth in The New York Times


"Now Geltman, with expert mastery of Burke language, delivers what could be considered to be a never ending sentence that touches upon all things but most importantly, some things, and also most importantly, all things... Geltman is never out of breath, not really, because she has too much to tell us... Geltman speaks, relentlessly (and I’m talking about a very satisfying kind of relentlessness)..."

~PIONEERS #goforth in Culturebot


"...all the actors fill their roles with a commitment and specificity"

~Evelyn in New York Theatre Review


"The actors are uniformly excellent"

~Evelyn in Culturebot


"Zoë Geltman offers comedic relief"

~CHASE: What Matters Most in Stage Buddy

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