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"Zoë Geltman’s 'Puffy Hair' transforms beyond stand-up comedy to shocking and delicious intimacy" ~Natalie Rine, Onstage Blog

"...Geltman’s extravagant mind palace of feminine guts and glory (a feat intertwined in the warmth and vivacity of set and costume design by Enver Chakartash). Lighting design by Sarah Lurie also illuminates Geltman’s sporadic trains of thought as she zips and bops around the space, capturing a caricatured showman’s energy akin to Joan Rivers meeting Liza Minnelli." ~Natalie Rine, OnStage Blog

"The writing plays like a vigorous plea for intimacy with herself, a self-deprecating, self-aware routine as investigative and piercing as anyone’s truest inner monologue talking to themselves in a mirror." ~Natalie Rine, Onstage Blog

PUFFY HAIR: A Fabulously Feral Feminist Fantasia...with Farts in Culturebot by Megan Hill

Hollywood Soapbox Interview

Stagebuddy Interview

**PUFFY HAIR was performed in previous iterations at Uncanny Valley, The PIT, and The Wild Project with Big Art Group's SFX Festival. There were also some backup funny people involved as Zoë didn't yet trust herself to be funny all on her own. She still sometimes doesn't but that's another story. Those geniuses were Ugo Chukwu and Maggie Robinson Katz.**

PUFFY HAIR is a night of existential stand-up performed by an id. Using Vaudeville-cum-Fosse dance moves to investigate one woman's ambivalent and tortured relationship to the male gaze, which she alternately cozies up to and execrates, it is a catharsis of self-hatred, body dysmorphia, and self-aggrandizement. A vigorous dose of lipstick smears and shoulder pads. A marriage between Joan Rivers and gastrointestinal turbulence. A struggle to hold space for the existential pressure of a bun. A boopity boop.

THE TANK: November 4 - 20, 2021
Written & Performed by Zoë Geltman
Directed by Julia Sirna-Frest
Set & Costume Design by Enver Chakartash
Lighting Design by Sarah Lurie
Stage Management by Lenyn Hernandez
Board Op & Production Intern: Hanna Yurfest



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